star of siam.

thai food is a definite favorite for me & josh ... as it is for many of the team members at my office. when at home or at work, one of our go-to restaurants is star of siam, located just off michigan avenue & serving "a standard thai menu in an urban warehouse setting." sweet

their website even notes : "for our vegetarian customers, most items can be cooked without meat." great news! however ... before i became vegan, star of siam used to be my absolute favorite thai place for tofu red curry. then i found out they can't and/or won't make their red curry without fish sauce. wah. that's the best dish! 

that's okay. i've found some other alternatives that are just as good. which is exactly what i did on our most recent carry out order. 

here's what i had ... 

pra ram loung song (rama tofu) :
tofu on crisp, steamed broccoli.
i added some of the spicy pepper sauce on top of my rama tofu & brown rice. this is just a simple & seemingly healthy & light dish. steamed broccoli & stir fried tofu on brown rice? not sure you can get much healthier.  enter ...

peanut sauce on the side :
yes, this is just as it appears to be : melty peanut butter with oil and some additional spicy thai flavorings. amazing. i have to exhibit self control and not just eat it with a spoon or on some white, refined, delicious, unhealthy rice. but i manage. steamed broccoli can't get much better than being smothered in this scrumptious mess. 

all in all, star of siam has some great thai food -- and they are accommodating to dietary needs. i've also had the stir-fried string beans with tofu (and several other modifications), and it always turns out great. 

in the downtown/michigan avenue area looking for some tasty & authentic thai food? try star of siam. you won't be disappointed.