my brother-in-law studied/worked abroad in brussels, belgium. while there, he discovered that brussels has a rather sizable moroccan population ... and also learned to love moroccan food. so when he suggested we try finding a moroccan place in chicago, we jumped at the opportunity. 

one rainy sunday night, off we went ... and we landed at shokran, a restaurant in old irving park serving "authentic moroccan cuisine." perfect.

here's what i had ... 
hummus :
chickpea puree with tahini, lemon & olive oil.
your standard hummus. fresh & tasty.

pita bread :

obvious carb-y deliciousness.  

harissa pepper sauce :
Y.U.M. spicy, but not too spicy. super flavorful. amazing. 
hummus + harissa + pita = best. appetizer. 

moroccan spiced olives :
k, we all know i love a good spiced olive. these were no exception. soooo good. also, complimentary. woohoo!

veggie sampler :
combination plate of house appetizers... 
carrots :  julienne carrots marinated in parsley, olive oil, moroccan spices & preserved lemon ... soooo good. best part of this appetizer.
bakola :  salad of cooked spinach, red olives, garlic, moroccan spices & preserved lemon ... also quite tasty. i mixed it with the harissa pepper sauce & put it on pita bread. genius.
zaalouk : roasted eggplant cooked with fresh tomatoes, virgin olive oil, cilantro, garlic & spices ... quite good, but i couldn't really differentiate this from the ...
taktouka : roasted green peppers and tomatoes flavored with virgin olive oil & special moroccan spices ... but still super yum.

vegetable tagine :
mix of carrots, red potatoes, artichoke hearts, peas & tomatoes, slow cooked in olive oil & moroccan spices. 
mmm. see the steaminess? since this was my first experience with moroccan food, this was my first experience with tagine. and let's just say, it was a good one. veggies cooked to perfection, light & delectable (as stated on the menu)? can't go wrong. 

also vegan, per the restaurant :
- harira soup.
- cucumber salad.
- beet salad.
- spicy potatoes.  
have you ever had moroccan food? no? k, well get to shokran. now. vegans & non-vegans will certainly enjoy. can't be missed.