coast sushi bar.

remember how we just finished the summer of italian food? now entering the fall/winter of sushi ... post #1. 

basically since we moved into the city, josh & i have been hearing great things about coast sushi bar, a tasty little joint on damen ave. in wicker park.

here's what coast has to say for themselves, per their website : "through years of experience, they have mastered the pairing of simple but complex flavors to create some of the most tasteful and innovative new-japanese cuisine. using only the freshest ingredients & top quality fish from around the world, coast offers something for everyone." even vegans? snap! 

here's what i had ...

exotic tempura :
taro, lotus root, sweet corn, shiso leaf, squash, asparagus.
obviously confirmed before indulging that the batter has no egg. win! so delish. when you're craving something delicious & fried & amazing, this exotic tempura will do the trick. i used soy sauce instead of the sweet sauce it came with. salty + fried is more my kind of thing. 

avocado maki :
avocado & asparagus, add fresh jalapeno. 
YUM. the jalapeno i added gave this just the right amount of crunch. super fresh & green. love me some green.

kampyo maki :
marinated sweet gourd.  
looks : unappealing. tastes : amazing. 
my first experience with kampyo ... and a very good one! i really liked it. the sweetness of the gourd + the salty of the soy sauce ... mmm.

coast sushi bar positives ...
 + light on the sushi rice ( = more flavor of the veggies!).
 + byob!
 + super cozy.
 +++ many vegan options!