abou andre.

mediterranean food is a lunch favorite at my office ... however, there is almost always a heated debate (argument, really) about where to order from.

so this week, we decided to try somewhere new ... enter abou andre, "a mediterranean bistro that is rich in flavor & history with recipes dating back generations to the mountains of lebanon." woah, sounds awesome, right?

here's what i had ... 

falafel plate :
 falafel served with hummus, homemade tahini sauce & lebanese pita bread.
you can also get baba ghannouj, but i didn't ask if that was vegan, so i can't report on that. but the falafel & hummus were uh-mazing. light & crispy falafel, chunky & flavorful hummus ... mediterranean perfection.  

tabouleh salad :
   parsley, tomatoes, onions, mint & bulgar wheat seasoned with homemade lemon sauce. 
 also, super tasty. i did each bite with a little falafel + a little hummus + a little tabouleh. one word (sound?) : mmm.mmm.  

here's the interesting/fun/awesome part ... since we ordered delivery, i didn't know the exact location of abou andre. a quick visit to their website and you can see ... one location on 6o e. jackson in the loop ... the other five? actually in lebanon. if the lebanese like it, it must be good. check it out.