haymarket pub & brewery.

haymarket pub & brewery in the west loop (halsted & randolph) is a lunch & post-work favorite for my office ... so when we were looking for a quick & easy dinner spot ... off we went.

here's what their website has to say ... their "inspiration for local & fresh ingredients equates to innovative twists on classic pub fare ... higher quality ingredients, yet an affordable menu  ... [with] everything from scratch … even the pickle." slight paraprhasing, but you get the gist. sounds awesome, right? right.

here's what i had ... 

vegan burger :
black bean, oat & vegetable patty w/ tomato, lettuce, onion & pickles (multigrain bun).
i went for no bun ... but i did taste it, and it was quite good. sweet potater tots? great. vegan burger? great. homemade pickle? great. overall, really very tasty! 

my only ish ... have you ever seen a more meat-like looking vegan burger? me neither. one of the ingredients to this burg is beets ... which made the inside look very much like raw, red hamburger meat. blech. so honestly, that was a little distracting for me. luckily, the taste was spot on ... phew. 

haymarket has a few other items on their menu that are vegan (and clearly marked as so! win!) ... so it's definitely a great place to try. i'm going to get the vegan chili next time ... mmm.