jupiter outpost.

i think i've mentioned before that we order lunch at my office every.day. a blessing and a curse -- yes, it is absolutely amazing that we get lunch each day. maybe the best perk ever. buuut, we generally have trouble deciding where to order from. and often times, it ends up being a deli or burger joint other random place that doesn't have good vegan options.

luckily, jupiter outpost is located just down the street from my office ... jupiter is mainly a coffee shop, but they also have an awesome lunch menu.

they have different soups & chilis throughout the week ... and their team knows what vegan means, so it's easy to find out if the soups are good. 

so this week, i walked over to jupiter for a lunch save. here's what i had ...

hummus & veggie panini :
hummus, roasted red pepper & eggplant, add tofu. no provolone or pesto. 
a delish sandwich. even some non-vegs in my offices have had this and love it. it's just really really great. add some hot giardiniera and you are good.to.go. you also get a little mini side with your sandwich, which happened to be vegan on this past lovely thursday. so a double win for me!

spinach & chickpea soup :
also delish. light (despite the plethora of chickpeas) and perfect for lunch.

jupiter outpost is a great spot for a tasty vegan lunch any day of the week. if you happen to the in the west loop & are looking for a quick coffee or easy panini, jupiter is a fabulous option.


  1. This place is so close to my office too! Great to know they have a tasty vegan option on the menu :) Seriously, obsessed with your blog - it has been such a huge help to me!

    1. hi, there! so glad you enjoy my blog. :) thank you for reading!!


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