friend of vegans chef bill kim (of belly shack, my post here) recently opened up a new joint in the west loop called belly q, featuring modern asian barbeque. not so vegan sounding.

however, for lunch, belly q has bq2go, an "integrated lunch market" featuring lighter fare ... including custom made salads. yum! here's what i had ...

custom made salad :
kale w/ cucumber - dill, grape tomatoes & oregano, edamame & basil, chickpeas & soy balsamic dressing. 
as we all know, i absolutely love kale. so a fresh kale salad for lunch? pretty much ideal. the rest of the ingredients (especially the edamame & basil) and the dressing were also super tasty. kind of (100%) a perfect lunch.

bq2go confirmed that all of their dressings are vegan, so that's a plus. however, i was upset to learn that their marinated tofu, roasted broccoli and curried cauliflower are not vegan ... the tofu especially. that's okay. maybe someday ...

since bq2go doesn't have the same menu as belly q, i can't speak to the vegan nature of their dinner offerings. but if you're craving a super fresh salad with unique ingredients, bq2go is the perfect place for lunch. check it out asap.