raj darbar.

i've been craving indian food this week ... so josh and i decided to order some and try somewhere new.

we ended up with raj darbar, an indian restaurant in lincoln park, boasting "only the finest ingredients ... dishes that are as healthy as they are delicious." well, it's true. raj darbar is, in fact, delicious.

i ordered the same items i order from our usual indian place (india house, located downtown) for a good comparison. here's what i had ...

step one ...
kachumbar salad :
diced onions, tomatoes & cucumber with lemon.
fresh veggies? yes, please. quite good.
i also liked how it was more of a chopped salad. easier to scoop up with roti.
(as a refresher, i use salad for my base instead of rice ... saving my carbs & calories for the roti.)

step two ...
chana masala :
chickpeas cooked in onions, fresh tomato, ginger & garlic.
so tasty. the base was a little chunkier in raj darbar's chana masala, which i really really enjoyed. josh ordered it super spicy for me and it definitely was. can't wait for leftovers for dinner tomorrow.
step three ...
tandoori roti :
unleavened, puffed whole wheat bread.
mmm. can't go wrong with roti bread. the perfect vessel for spicy chickpeas.
here are the pros of raj darbar :
 - deliciously spicy chana masala.
 - SUPER quick delivery ... literally, 25 minutes.
 - not as expensive as some of the other indian places we've tried. 

overall, raj darbar is awesome. if you're in the area, give it a try. they won't disappoint.