hugo's frog bar & fish house.

the name says it all ... hugo's frog bar & fish house. sounds like it could be one of the vegan-unfriendliest restaurants in chicago. especially when you find out it is in the same restaurant group & shares the same kitchen as gibson's bar & steakhouse.

but alas, it is not!

i went to hugo's the other night with some work peeps ... it's a great spot for a large group ... and we had a great time. i even had another vegan there to share the experience with me! so that was exciting.

anyway, here's what i had ...

vegetable combination :
all veggies prepared vegan ... asparagus, red onions, broccoli & saut√©ed spinach. no mushrooms (ick) or creamed spinach.
i love spinach. and this was really really really well prepared. i ate all of it ... the asparagus & onions were also great ... but i couldn't tackle the broccoli. something about a huge head of broccoli is just very intimidating. 

sweet potato side :
prepared vegan.
the largest sweet potato in the world. (fact.)
delicious. since it had no butter, you could really taste the natural flavors of the sweet potato. wow & yum.

raspberry sorbet :
one of the non-vegans at the table tasted this and named it "dirty raspberry." very accurate. it did have a little bit of a dirty taste to it ... in a good way. 

just like all my other experiences at steakhouses (or in this case, fish houses) ... hugo's is very accommodating to any vegan needs. and their food happens to be fantastic. so fear not ... it's a great place to eat.