new york city : westville.

to quote my best friend, melissa : "westville is my favorite nyc restaurant." i'd have to agree.

i've been to westville twice ... and both times were delicious.

see, here i am! proof that i ate there.

anywho, here's why westville is amazing :

 1. every day they have a long list of "market sides" -- 
which mainly consist of veggies, aka plenty o' vegan items.  choose 4 for $14.  
um, yes please!
 k, i've got just one reason. but that's really enough for me. 

 my gal pal was kind enough to get a vegan market side ... 

artichoke hearts sans parmesan : good. after i was fully stuffed, i still had room to finish these puppies off. 

but for me...
my four market sides :
 sauteed cherry tomatoes : amazing.
soy-glazed tofu w/ broccoli + toasted sesame seeds : perfection.
added just a bit of substance to an all veggie meal. super salty. plus+plus.
sauteed kale w/ shallots : love me some kale. favorite veggie in an awesome way.
brussels sprouts w/ honey-dijon : meh. but still tasty.

ok, vegans & otherwise -- LISTEN UP.
if you are in new york city ... GET TO WESTVILLE. there are three locations to choose from - west village, east village & chelsea. so really you have no excuse. hurry up.


  1. This looks so yum! How do I not know about this place? I totes would have done the 4 for 14 market option too! Tofu looks yum.


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