90 miles cuban cafe.

"taste the forbidden." 

that's the tagline for 90 miles cuban cafe, a family owned restaurant offering authentic cuban food in logan square & roscoe village.

i had never had cuban food, so i was really excited to try this place. we wanted to eat there, but eating hot food in 95 degree weather was not appealing. so we brought it home for lunch. here's what i had ...

salida del sol :
earl grey iced tea, mango puree, sugar & fresh lime.
fresh, light & delicious. not much to complain about. 

aji relleno :
   stuffed red pepper with soy beef picadillo, green olives, raisins potatoes & i don't know what else.
i don't really like to eat fake meats, but i decided to try this since the guy at the restaurant was raving about it. but unfortunately, no me gusta. i think the raisins are what threw me off. not a good flavor combo for me. but still, a great option for other hungry vegans!

tofu sandwich :
tofu & peppers marinated in creole sauce & black beans on french bread.
oh.em.gee.yum. i actually inhaled this because it was so good. i could have done without the beans, but still amazing. the bread soaks up all the sauce so it gets nice and soggy. (seriously, not lying, the way i like it.) mmmmm.

tostones :
fried green plantains w/ garlic sauce.
super crispy and fresh ... just add salt. yum.

my first experience with cuban food was a good one... i cannot wait to head back to 90 miles cuban cafe again!


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