new items : café ba ba reeba.

i've already posted once on café ba ba reeba ... but that doesn't mean i can't eat there again, right? 

josh and i went here for a belated birthday dinner. (for him... happy birthday, love!)

i decided to switch it up and try a few different things...

strawberry sangria:
delish. best part of my meal! although, i wouldn't say i could taste the strawberry. it was simply a very refreshing glass of sangria.

summer vegetable market salad:
mixed greens, lemon & olive oil.
only meh for some reason... the orange fruit was delish, but the greens were super bitter.
just meh.

traditional tomato gazpacho:
also just meh.
i don't know what was going on in the kitchen that day... because they were really just not on their a-game. 

oh well. just like the rest of us, restaurants are allowed to have off days. this was just one of them for café ba ba reeba.

a side note ... every time we go here, josh gets frustrated that we order everything at one time ... even though they say they will pace it, they just don't. so just a quick tip ... order in shifts! otherwise, your table because of mess of tapas plates.