the aberdeen tap.

the aberdeen tap is a cute little bar/restaurant in river west / west town. (this according to their website, i thought it was west loop!)

i ventured over here with my office recently for some post-work dinner, drinks & birthday celebrations. (happy birthday - steven, erik & andy if you are reading!)

i waffled back and forth on whether or not to eat, but eventually did. and i was really glad i did, because it was the perfect, light little dinner.

greek salad :
tomato, cucumber, kalamata olives & (dry) grilled baguette. (no feta.)
no lettuce! fine with me. like i said, the perfect, light little dinner. the dressing was flavorful & the veggies were fresh. can't go wrong. 

i didn't ask what else was vegan on their menu... so i can't speak for the restaurant as a whole. but what i had was ideal. so if you're in the 'hood looking for a dinner+drinks spot, try the aberdeen tap.