new york city : medi wine bar.

first stop on the chi city vegan's food tour de force in nyc ... 

there are two things new york has that chicago lacks (in my humble opinion) :
 1. bodegas. can we say convenient?
 2. wine bars. 

our first planned event was to go to a wine bar for some quick eats and a cuppa vino. we decided on medi wine bar. they've got a great back garden, which is where we sat. since it was so late, i just went for a couple of sides ... here's what i had :

broccoli rabe with red chilis :
 while tasty, there were no chilis, which would have been my favorite part. sadness.

roasted garlic hummus & pita :
i believe my exact words were : "best hummus i've ever had in my life."
seriously. that. good. insanely garlicky & creamy. so yum.

in summation ... delish hummus. great outdoor space. wine bar perfection.