the hampton social.

we all know that summer time = more drinking. more summer drinking often = a rosé all day situation. a key component of a rosé all day situation = instagram. so nowadays, sometimes ... just as important as food is the instagram-ability of a joint ... in that aspect, the hampton social excelled.

let me explain a bit about the hampton social : "the lifestyle concept ... is a restaurant hotspot that evokes east coast living in every aspect." ok, i don't know much about east coast living. but i get the lifestyle thang. 

basically every corner of the hampton social is ripe for an instagram shot. let me tell you, we were thrilled to be in the rosé all day room. not that i wouldn't have walked over there for an photo opp if we hadn't been. see below.

anyway, here's what i had ...

tomato-watermelon salad :
marinated baby heirloom tomatoes, watermelon, avocado, mixed greens & balsamic.
ok first things first. i nixed the feta (obvi) & subbed the arugula for mixed greens (obvi). unfortunately, i don't have any major comments on the rest of this. i kind of expected it to be a salad mainly consisting of big chunks of tomato & watermelon ... with some avocado & just a bit of greens. buuuuut it was not. it also was not very good. eep. 

luckily! we had rosé :
in fact, we had rosé all day. just kidding. only had one. but it was très délicieux.

overall ... food : good. drinks : great. instagram-ability : perfection.

the hampton social
353 w. hubbard st.
chicago, il 60654

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  1. Wow this is really unique and so cool. I am surely gonna try this at home because its summer already. Thank you for such great idea :)


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