i first visited orange at their former boystown/lakeview location like 15 years ago. literally. my friends & i (newly licensed) drove in from the 'burbs for brunch. multiple times, i might add.

anyway, that one is long gone. but there are still two oranges in the chi. we went for breakfast with the babe at the roscoe village location, obviously.

anyway ... orange is self-described as "contemporary brunch with a peel." a statement i wholeheartedly agree with. 

here's what i had ...

juice + frushi :
juice + handcrafted using fresh fruit & sweet sushi rice. 
the video isn't working (i don't think??), but you can still see the frushi.
i know it was 15 years ago ... but the frushi is what brought my girlfriends & i into the big city for brunch in the first place. over a decade later & they've still got it. so tasty. the juice is all custom per order, also delish.

granola :
soy milk with all organic, rolled oats, sunflower, flax, sesame seeds, shredded coconut & almonds baked in coconut oil with honey & vanilla bean. 
not my favorite granola, but still good. i kind of wish there were more vegan options here ... but i know brunch is hard.

next time i'm at orange, i'm definitely getting juice & more pieces of frushi. it's just so good.

2011 w. roscoe st.
chicago, il 60618

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