nyc : rubirosa ristorante.

my last nyc post! there's one restaurant that i have been hearing about from melissa for years, but for some unknown reason, i've never been. especially confusing because it's her favorite restaurant. well, that all changed this time!

ready? for dinner saturday night, we went to rubirosa, located in nolita. they've got an amazing about section : "rubirosa is a family-run, italian-american, neighborhood restaurant & pizzeria. in addition to our famous pizza, we proudly offer italian-american classics featuring a wide array of pastas made fresh in-house daily. ... rubirosa's homey & comfortable atmosphere welcomes every occasion, from family-style group dining to drinks & antipasti at our cozy bar." take me baaaack.

there's a reason why melissa is one of my best friends, which is that she is the bomb. (hi, melissa!) so we did a sharing situation again. here's what we had ...

marinara pizza :
tomatoes, olives, capers, basil. (non-vegan half = pizza alla vodka.)
so good. ultra crispy thin crust. perfectly salty grazie to the capers & olives. oh, & LARGE. this pizza was huge!! (important to note, we got the smaller size.)

cavatelli :
broccoli rabe, garlic & olive oil. 
between this & watching the pasta porn that is season 2 of master of none, i basically wanted to get an enormous bowl, fill it with this pasta, crawl in & eat my way out. (picture mrs. pac-man in a bowl of noodles. that'd be me.)

charred spring beans :
calabrian chile vinaigrette. 
not sure why we decided to order these given the amazingness above, but we did. they were fine. i'm sorry, but green beans cannot compete with bomb ass 'za & 'ta. 

like westville, rubirosa might become a permanent food fixture for future new york trips. vegans traveling there or living there, get there stat.

235 mulberry st.
new york, ny 10012

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