pacifica beauty.

anyone familiar with pacifica beauty? not going to lie, i knew of pacifica, but for candles & perfume. i somehow did not realize they are this whole amazing beauty company ...

for those (like me) not in the know, pacifica is a 100% vegan & cruelty-free natural makeup, skincare, & perfume company. sounds awesome, right? sign me up!

a rep from pacifica beauty recently reached out to me to share the news (& some samples!) of their latest collection : "a 100% vegan + cruelty-free lip balm line up + sugar scrub." cool, right? 

lip stuff! :
 "highly moisturizing balms made with coconut, almond, jojoba oils, natural flavor & stevia."

me enjoying my rainbow watermelon lip balm :
clearly not a beauty blogger, but i tried to look cool! 

i'm super into these lip balms for a few reasons : 1. i love that they are made of all natural ingredients.  plus, all the "flavors" are amazing. even if summer kale sounds ... unique, it smells great! 2. it's incredible that everything is 100% vegan & cruelty-free. does it get much better?! 3. my little guy has recently learned what "chap stick" is & loves using these lip balms, too. since at least half of it ends up in his mouth, i don't have to worry about him ingesting gross stuff. (refer back to item 1!)

these pacifica beauty lip balms & sugar scrub are available for purchase exclusively at ulta. i know of a few ulta locations in chicago & the burbs right off the top of my head, so i'm guessing one is close to you, too. next time you are popping in, grab a couple of these!

pacifica beauty lip balms + sugar scrub
exclusively available at ulta

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