nyc : westville (update).

it's time for an update on one of my favorite new york city spots ... westville.

i've eaten at westville during every single trip i've taken to the big apple over the past five years ... not like i've gone 100s of times or anything. but when you only go for a weekend & have limited meals to consume, the fact that westville is always on the list really says something. (here's my last post from 4 years ago.)

why is westville so good, you ask? exhibit a ... 
list of vegggg :
that's right. these are all available. erryday. 
and just around the corner, literally on the other side of the wall ... was another whole list of different veggie options. 

best fraaanz sippin' tea :
hi, melissa!

okay, so i normally get the market sides ... 4 sides for $x, i don't remember what. but a reasonable cost. anyway. i decided to branch out on this lovely saturday lunch and try something new. here's what i had ...

crispy vegan quinoa & artichoke burger :
on toasted health bread topped w/ avocado, chopped kale, alfalfa sprouts & homemade sriracha coconut ranch dressing. 
ok, so when we went here ... we were sooo hungry. like, so hungry. so i ordered this + subbed the arugula salad (ew) for a large side of artichokes ... then also ordered a side of marinated tofu. did i think i would finish it all? actually, i didn't. the burger was huge & the tofu was a legitimate entire block. BUT. i never cease to amaze myself. because i devoured THE ENTIRE THING. ok, i didn't eat the bread of the burger, because i thought it was weird, but the rest was dunzo. it was all just

per usual, westville did not disappoint. i'm thrilled to have tried something new ... may even have to branch out again on my next trip. but definitely getting a side of tofu. even if i'm not hungry. 

246 w. 18th street
new york, ny 10011

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