milk&honey café.

one of my favorite people in the entire world recently moved to wicker park (hi, jessie!) ... so one hot hot hot chicago summer day, my baby sidekick & i ventured over there for a little lunch date. we ended up at milk&honey café right in the heart of division.

i'd heard good things about milk&honey, but had never eaten there. for a mid-week lunch, it was the obvious choice : "serving gourmet sandwiches, fresh salads, made from scratch soups & house-baked pastries." lunch options on fleek.

here's what i had ...

whole wheat veggie wrap :
hummus, spinach, grilled eggplant & pickled red onion. 
a perfectly respectable lunch wrap. but, not my favorite. needed much more hummus & much less eggplant, imho. pickle was on point though. 

milk&honey is an easy spot to pop into for a quick bite. even though i didn't love it, i'll give them another chance next time i'm in the hood. 

milk&honey café
1920 w. division street
chicago, il 60622

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  1. Hey chi city vegan! Just ran into your blog. I'm in the chi too and just recently went vegan. It's so overwhelming starting out with all these foods in this big city but your suggestions are awesome and a lifesaver!! Please never stop lol looking forward to your next food- stop.
    -newbie vegan 🥑

    1. awh thanks for reading!! good luck on your vegan journey! :)


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