vegan tuck box.

guys, ya know how there's birchbox for makeup? and barkbox for doggies? and dollar shave club for men? ok, bad example on the last one, but you get it. 

ever think of something magical like a monthly box of vegan deliciousness? no? well, lucky for us two lovely vegan ladies over in the u.k. (hi, kelly & chrissy!) came up with it for us.

vegan tuck box "offers a monthly box full of innovative sweet & savory snacks" ... all 100% vegan-approved. sign me up. literally. 

(if you're wondering what a tuck box is, fear not. i wondered, too. it's a u.k. term for box for storing edibles, duh.)

anyway ... kelly & chrissy sent me a box to review & share with all of you ... check it out!

eep .. 
too much anticipation. 

open sesame ... 
ah aaaah.

the goods, as beautifully arranged by tnaya :
do you see all those snacks?! holy vegan heaven so much awesomeness. 
my faves, you ask? the ten acre bombay crisps ... plus every chocolate option that was in there. (the natural white cherry chocolate bar was so amazing, i fully devoured it in one day. ONE.ENTIRE.CHOCOLATE.BAR.IN.ONE.DAY.)

me enjoying some of said awesomeness :
specifically the blanxart dark chocolate & almonds bar. i managed to pace myself a bit after the initial excitement.

peeps, the vegan tuck box is legit. besides the ultra tasty treats ... 
   - a portion of proceeds for every box sold is donated to vegan causes & animal sanctuaries. 
   - packaging is made with recycled or reused materials.
   - supporting vegan business = supporting good business. 

to sum up, vegan tuck box is amazing. the great news? you can order your very own! because kelly & chrissy are totally cool vegans who want to hook up other totally cool vegans, here's a little promo code for 20% off vegan tuck box snack boxes : just enter blog20 at checkout.

hope you enjoy as much as i did!


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