scottsdale, az : the herb box.

this post actually pains me to write ... you'll understand why shortly. 

because i generally slack off in all aspects of life nowadays, i was completely unprepared for where to eat on our trip to scottsdale. as noted in the two previous posts. so i was happy to get another recommendation & even happier when i saw that the menu had clearly listed vegan items.

enter the herb box in oldtown scottsdale. their official facebook page says "not since college have herbs been so popular." that made me literally lol. beyond that, there's not much to know besides the food is bomb.

here's what we had ...

crisp brussels sprout chips :
sea salt & vegan aioli.
this was the first dish of the night that made me say ... "well, i can never eat brussels sprouts prepared any other way ever again." these.were.awesomeeee. oh & the vegan aioli? incroyable. 

korean fried cauliflower :
another one. i actually typically hate cauliflower ... but this. oh man. so good. 

kale, corn & sweet onion pakora :
sweet-hot serrano glaze, vegan yellow pepper aioli. 
all the things i love in life : kale, corn, spiciness & fried-ness. so good. 

okay, so here's where the crying face emoji comes in. since the herb box menu looked so amazing, we decided we would save it for our last night in scottsdale. well, after 6+ meals eating nicely in a restaurant, our little babe decided that being a well-behaved child was not on the docket this lovely scottsdale evening. so after ordering, we packed up all our food to go & ate it in our hotel room. 

if the fact that we still found the food to be so delicious doesn't tell you just how good this is ... i don't know what will. this is a must stop for vegans visiting scottsdale. check it!

the herb box
7134 e. stetson drive
scottsdale, az 85251

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  1. Love the Herb Box. Especially breakfast! A little pricey for breakfast/brunch, but the food never disappoints.

    1. oh, i didn't even realize they did breakfast/brunch! good to know for any future trips to az. ;) thanks for stopping by!


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