you can bet that when the words vegan and chicago come together in the universe, i'm going to know about it. so even though it took me a minute to get my bootie up to uptown, we recently went to kāl'ish short order vegan for brunch with some pals. (hi, erik & mavis!)

kāl'ish keeps it real : "please do not confuse us with an activist organization that promotes peace, love, happiness & all things butterflies - even though all of that is important to us. we are trying to create a dining experience that weighs less on our bodies & our environment than animal-based alternatives, while being profitable & long lasting." see what i mean!

here's what i had ...

vegan breakfast pastry appetizer :
cinnamon roll & apple pop tart. 
LEGIT. too legit to quit, in fact. second best vegan cinnie bun i've had in my life. (first goes to tnaya, vegan baker extraordinaire.) 

classic pancake stack :
featuring baby fingers. 
also, legit. although, le bebe barely ate 1/4 of a 'cake ... but that's not the pancakes' fault. 

bad adz burger :
k burger + bacon, cheese, beet root mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle & onion.
i'm kind of in a perpetual hunt for an amazing vegan burger. (the beyond burger is pretty close to perfect, so far.) this one missed the mark for me a little bit. the fries were bomb though. 

listen, imho, any vegan spot is a good vegan spot. josh ordered buffalo chicken sandwich that was amazing. so i'm definitely getting that next time around. see ya then??

kāl'ish short order vegan
1313 w. wilson ave.
chicago, il 60640

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  1. This place somewhat reminds me of by chloe in LA/NYC. I've always wanted to Kalish but a lot of the reviews seem wishy washy. Would you say this is worth an hour drive?

    1. hi, christine!

      hmm... an hour? let me report back once i go again (whenever that ends up being) & have tried more menu items. but from what i've had so far, i would say probably not. unfortunately. ;(

      thanks for stopping by!


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