scottsdale, az : scramble.

after three days of dry bagels with peanut butter for breakfast, i needed some serious sustenance to get me through the rest of this trip. not because we were being so active & hiking through the desert, canyons, mountains, etc.. but because chasing a toddler around in a new environment is hella exhausting.

a quick google search for "vegan scottsdale" led me to scramble, where i quickly found a special vegan section on their menu... featuring... TOFU!! mmm. (i know some people don't like tofu. but me. i LOVE it.)

anyway, in addition to the tofu, here's why i was so excited for breakfast : "scramble is a fresh look at breakfast & it all begins with using the freshest ingredients around... we pride ourselves on using local farmers & vendors whenever possible... you will taste the difference farm fresh makes." all good things! 

here's what i had ...

vegan soyrizo burrito :
tofu scramble w/ soyrizo, red & green peppers, avocado wrapped in a tortilla. served with a side of sweet potato hash. 
i'm realizing now that my burrito had no avocado. what da heck, scramble?! it's okay. it didn't need it! so many reasons to love ... perfectly prepared tofu, great flavor, so big i couldn't finish it ... i didn't even try the sweet potato hash, because i was so full of breakfast burrito. 

there aren't so many vegan vegan options in scottsdale that i saw ... seems like a few more in phoenix, but it was just too far to travel with the little guy. so scramble is a perfect little oasis. (ha!)

6590 n. scottsdale rd.
scottsdale, az 85253

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