pie pie my darling.

you're not a chicago vegan if you haven't at least heard of pie pie my darling. luckily, i've known about this gem for quite some time, but i was not lucky enough to try it until recently.

you can frequently find pie pie my darling goods at handlebar (my post here) ... so when we decided to order some vegan deliciousness for lunch one day, we spied dessert on the menu & took a dive straight into the sugar pool.

but first, in case you don't know : "pie pie my darling is a 100% vegan bakery offering cakes, pies & cookies baked from scratch to order." in other news, "storefront coming this summer!" hells.yeah.

okay, so back to business. here's what i had ..

funfetti cake! :
look at that beauty! 
not only was this just so lovely to look at, it's incredibly delicious, too. i might go so far as to say it's the best vegan cake i've ever had. no, i'm going to say it. THIS IS THE BEST VEGAN CAKE I'VE EVER HAD. you people know what my sugar intake is like.

i've mentally decided that pie pie my darling is now going to be the official cake purveyor for all important events in my life that require cake. wonder what will be next ... 

email pie pie my darling to order.

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  1. I just got some at Handlebar Monday night! Love love love it.


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