froyo chicago.

it's about damn time we got a froyo place on southport.

don't get me wrong. jeni's is the bomb. anthony's was (was, tears) my absolute fave ... but there's something about a diy froyo situation that is just so top notch.

so when i heard that not only were we getting a froyo shop ... but one that specializes in healthy & vegan stuff? i was pumped.

this magical place you ask? froyo chicago.

here's the most important part of the about section (aka, the vegan deets) : "our rich & creamy vegan coconot froyo is not only dairy free, but soy free! we also offer refreshing vegan sorbets & a delicious low-fat vegan hot cocoa." yessss.

i know what you are thinking. "halley, it's a tundra out there. what are you doing eating froyo?" to that i say, i don't care! froyo is delicious & worth being cold for. also, sign me up for that hot chocolate, stat.

here's what i had ...

#vegan coconut froyooo!
  cherries & sprinkles.
mmm. 'nuff said.

i can already tell froyo chicago will become a staple in my life ... looking forward to my next trip already!! 

froyo chicago
3746 n. southport ave.
chicago, il 60613