when my gal pals & i heard about gather, a relatively new restaurant in lincoln square, we wanted to get there stat. ok, it's over a year old. but whatever.

with a charlie trotters alum, chef ken carter, at the helm, we knew it would be delicious.

about gather : "by blending the best of european wine culture with the ease of american style, we have created a natural setting where friends & family come to gather & share amazing hospitality, delicious food, superb wine & good company." beautifully said! 

here's what i had ...

broccoli :
 sunchoke, marcona almond, grapefruit & ancho chili.
unusual & quite tasty! mah non-veg friend who shared with me (hi, joelle!) loved it too.

pumpkin risotto :
sunchoke, broccoli, pumpkin, etc.
this was a huge bowl of risotto. i couldn't even come close to finishing it! lovely flavor, & textures, perfectly cooked ... can't go wrong. the ingredients look & feel healthy, so even though it's a massive dish of comfort food, you don't feel that bad about snarfing it. winning!

the food at gather was really very good. my only gripe? holy cow did service take forever. they were slow. i mean, really slow. maybe it was an off night or maybe that's just how it is (or maybe it was my risotto) ... but if you're headed there, give yourself plenty of time just in case! 

but for the risotto, it's worth at trip.

4539 n. lincoln ave.
chicago, il 60625