perennial virant.

my girls & i are always looking to go to places we've never been before ... and while perennial virant in lincoln park has been there forever, it was new to us. so off we went!

perennial virant can be summed up quite nicely : "chicago restaurant. chef paul virant. farm to table. contemporary american food." oh, they also specialize in seasonal foods & pickling. great!! 

here's what i had ...

warm city farm spinach salad :
pickled artichokes, roasted sunchokes, fermented cauliflower & crispy chickpeas.
this was weird for me. i know it was a warm spinach salad, but half of the spinach was just fully cooked. tasty, but weird.

sweet potato soup :
pickled jalapeño & puffed wild rice.
love me some soup in the winter. so delicious. the pickled jalapeño was surprisingly perfect here! 

hazzard free farm purple barley :
kale, roasted sunchokes & apple butter.
guys, i wanted to love this, but i just didn't! kale, good. roasted sunchokes, good. purple barley, good. apple butter? meh.

listen, i'll def be back to perennial virant. they were super accommodating to me being vegan (aka, lots of options!!), so i already love them anyway. i'm just forever scared of apple butter. oops.

perennial virant
1800 n. lincoln avenue
chicago, il 60614