summer house santa monica : dinner.

back to summer house santa monica ... this time around : for dinner. (the first trip was a lovely brunch!)

to reiterate, summer house santa monica is all about a "california-influenced, american menu spotlighting seasonal, locally-sourced produce & ingredients." love.

here's what i had ...

santa monica salad :
grilled corn, avocado, romaine, arugula, tomatoes. 
fine, kind of basic. i also am learning i do not like arugula. note to self.

roasted cauliflower :
jalapeño pesto, candied lemon & breadcrumbs.
getting better. i had high hopes for the jalapeño pesto ... my issue : there wasn't enough of it! mmm.

sesame-glazed sweet potatoes :
fresh ginger.
these sweet potatoes were the star of my meal. the sesame glaze was amazing. they were perfectly cooked ... i mean, just generally something i could eat everyday. kind of infinitely better than any sweet potato dish i've ever had.

i like summer house santa monica ... the food is great, the atmosphere is cool ... not much to hate.

summer house santa monica
1954 n. halsted street
chicago, il 60614