slurping turtle -- round 2.

guys, it's fall. that means soup season.

i've been obsessed with slurping turtle since the first time i went ... i mean, super super super delicious vegan asian noodle soup? you just can't go wrong. so when i was craving the tofu/mushroom noodle soup, it meant time for the first trip of the 2014 slurp season.

this trip was a game changer, let me tell you. so here's what i had ...

vegan coconut curry udon :
  veggie broth, hominy, fried eggplant, tofu, chickpeas.
guys. i was seriously DEVASTED when our server told me that the tofu/mushroom soup (no mushrooms) was off the menu. not kidding, devasted. but he assured me that the vegan coconut curry udon was even better. he did NOT lie, phew. it.was.amazing. spicy, tasty, steamy, lots of udon noodles. i mean, just spot on flavors. this is why chef takashi is the best. 

so while it was close to being a complete catastrophe, the menu change was welcome. this soup was a special when i was there, but they say it's going on the regular menu. i highly highly highly suggest making a trip over there asap.

slurping turtle
116 w. hubbard st.
chicago, il 60614