austin, texas : mr. natural.

we've reached the end of the austin journey! hope you've all enjoyed! 

when the girls & i were deciding where in austin to stay, my main concern was obviously that we be near good food. since we were walking distance to qui, i knew we were in good hands.

what i didn't know was that there was an all vegan & vegetarian food store & mexican restaurant right.down.the.street. literally, less than two blocks away from our airbnb. #winning

this texan vegan heaven? none other than mr. natural ... "in a simple, relaxed environment ... mr. natural is a natural foods restaurant, bakery, juice bar & health food store all rolled into one. our award-winning vegetarian restaurant offers non-dairy, wheat-free, vegan & vegetarian food using all natural ingredients in unique mexican vegetarian dishes." wow. just wow.

we made three (yes, three) trips to mr. natural while we were in austin. here's what i had ...

trip one : tofu & avocado taco.
ok, so it may have been breakfast, but whatever. no judgement.
you can't really see all the delicious ingredients due to the plethora of fresh toppings, but let me tell you, it was fantastic. the perfect light breakfast.

trip two : baked goods!! 

all vegan, all the time.
this time, i had the vegan lemon & blueberry muffin. maybe the best vegan muffin i've ever had. 

trip three : they were closed.
so we sat in the parking & cried. 
jk, but we were sad.

i'm just not sure how it's possible to be vegan, be in austin & NOT go to mr. natural. so whether you live there, are moving there, are traveling or just happen to be in a 100 mile radius ... get to mr. natural. now.

mr. natural
1901 e. cesar chavez st.
austin, texas 78702