rockit bar & grill.

several months ago, rockit bar & grill sent me a little e-mail showing off their new vegan. (there is also a gluten-free menu!) for several reasons, i was very excited to try this ... mainly because : hello! bar + grill w/ a vegan menu? win! it took some time, but i finally got over there.

the vegan menu :
love it!

anyway, according to their website, "rockit bar & grill, located in the heart of the booming river north neighborhood, puts executive chef amanda downing’s contemporary culinary twist on the traditional bar & grill ... offering outstanding casual american cuisine, using the freshest ingredients available in a mouthwatering menu that includes salads, sandwiches, and entrees." great. i love me a good culinary twist.

here's what i had ...

white bean hummus : 
veggies + grilled pita.
ignore the eggplant dip in the back there. the white bean hummus? pretty good. not as amazing as the ceci bean spread from la madia, the standard by which i judge all white bean dips ... but still, very very good. and even better with a bite of super salty caper. 

mediterranean salad :
kale-chickpea falafel, white bean hummus, grilled pita, tomato, cucumber, red onion, chopped romaine & toasted sesame dressing. (add avocado.)
kale-chickpea falafel? now this i can get 100% on board with. the ingredients were, in fact, super fresh ... making for quite a nice, light dinner. my only issue? the toasted sesame dressing. while it was very tasty, it just didn't feel right with a mediterranean salad. just some simple balsamic + evoo would have done the trick.

don't get me wrong. i definitely plan to head back to rockit bar & grill. i mean come on, there are three other salads to try! besides that, it's nice to know that at least one bar in this big ol' city offers a legit vegan menu. oh, & they also have happy hour specials ... so if you're in the hood, looking for a beer + tasty bite ... try rockit. 

rockit bar & grill
22 w. hubbard street
chicago, il 60654