urban vegan.

sometime between one and two years ago, a new all-vegan all-the-time restaurant opened in chicago : urban vegan ... now with one located in lakeview, one located in lincoln park. i think lakeview is the original though.

"at urban vegan chicago, we've made it our mission to create a truly authentic thai/asian restaurant ... we focus on providing premium-quality meat-free products with the finest ingredients and deliciously original recipes ... the result? an ever-growing range of delicious vegan foods."

when urban vegan first opened, i was obsessed with it. it had just been so long since i had an "egg" roll ... i couldn't get enough. then i read a scary yelp review and took pause for a bit. since then, i've decided to give them another try. and it's just as good as it always was.

here's what i had ...

trio of appetizers :
keep in mind, this is not an actual option on the menu. we just ordered a bunch of items to have a nice little selection. from the top ...
spring rolls : deep fried spring rolls stuffed with cabbage, carrot, mung bean noodles & shiitake mushroom. served with sweet & sour sauce. my favorite little things. fantastic fried vegan goodness.
steamed veggie dumplings : stuffed with vegetables. also delicious ... & their special sauce makes them even better.
golden tofu : served with sweet chili sauce & ground peanuts. sometimes you just want some simple, crispy tofu. this is what you get when you do. 

tom kah kai :
soy chicken, tomatos & exotic herbs in coconut milk broth.
soy chicken scares me. but here, it's actually really really good. it just tastes tofu-y, so it's okay. this soup is just overall great. coconut milk is amazing, so ...  i can't wait to order a big bowl for delivery when it's -75° in the middle of february. will certainly improve any cold winter night.

i've ordered a ton of other stuff off their menu, too ... pad thai, red curry, banana coconut rolls (freaking heaven), etc. it's all good. 

i've never eaten at either of the actual restaurants ... delivery only for this girl. so that's all i can vouch for. but if you're in the mood for some certifiably good, certifiably vegan asian foods, check them out. 

1605 w. montrose avenue
chicago, il 60613