hubbard inn.

a couple of weeks ago, some gal pals (hi, carly & ilana!) & i decided that some end-of-work-week eats & drinks were in order. so we headed to the obvious choice : outdoor seating at hubbard inn.

hubbard inn is located in river north ... so dining alfresco = great people watching ... perfect for the end of summer. (tears.)

a bit about this lovely place : "hubbard inn features european inspired small plates, quintessential mid-century cocktails & old world decor." beautiful. also, when hubbard inn first opened, the rumor was that it was somewhat hemingway inspired ... so i was definitely looking forward to seeing what was up.

here's what i had :

tuscan kale salad :
walnuts, pickled blackberries & shallot vinaigrette.
i'm incapable of seeing kale on a menu and not ordering it. and since my darling carly also suffers from this kale-salad-loving affliction, we had to get it. pickled blackberries aren't your everyday fare and they were delicious. great w/ the crunchy walnuts + fresh kale.

brussels sprouts :
ain't nothing to complain about when it comes to fried brussels. delish.

vegan flatbread :
onions, bell peppers, asparagus & greens. 
i snarfed this puppy. fresh veg + fresh flatbread perfection.

french fries : 
these were a last minute addition ... crispy & fresh ... the two main requirements for actually good french fries.

to recap hubbard inn ...
1. fab outdoor seating.
2. fab food.
3. get there.

hubbard inn
110 west hubbard street
chicago, il 60654