pat's pizza.

josh and i have been looking for a good thin crust pizza place for a while ... recently, everywhere i've called either has milk in the crust or cheese in the sauce.

enter pat's pizza ... "best thin crust pizza in chicago." josh called to confirm the vegan-osity of the pizza crust & sauce. good to go!

here's what i had ...

thin crust pizza :

spinach & black olives. 
apologies for the poor styling of this photo ... i was too excited to dig in to take a nice one. as you can see, slightly heavy on the spinach, slightly light on the black olives. what i will say is that this crust is seriously.thin. like paper thin. and i reeeeally liked it. it just was too heavy on the spinach.

that's all okay though. because i will definitely try pat's pizza again. sometimes it takes a couple tries to figure out the perfect pizza toppings. maybe on the next pizza friday.