our office decided to be adventurous one day ... we ordered dosirak, "the best korean cuisine in university village." awesome! 

however, i have to preface this post by saying that i think i do not like korean food. for some reason, the flavors here just did not work for me. 

anyway, here's what i had ... 

deonjang jjigae :
soybean paste stew with tofu & veggies. served with rice & sides. 
no mushrooms & no side of kimchi (due to fish sauce). 
sides :
seaweed, black beans & cabbage.

even though i wasn't obsessed with the actual food from dosirak, i have a few important details to share ... 

dosirak was extremely accommodating to my vegan needs ... the man i spoke with on the phone knew right away that the soup was vegan ... and that the kimchi was not (since it has fish sauce in it). he quickly offered to substitute other veggie sides that were vegan. they also clearly marked my items in a separate bag labeled "vegan." another little touch that i just really appreciate anytime i order food from somewhere.

so all in all, i was quite happy to try this place ... and i will definitely give dosirak another shot ... the non-veggies at my office really enjoyed it!