lillie's q.

a couple weeks ago, we had our office holiday party ... bbq + bowling. kind of perfection.

this meant dinner at lillie's q, a super cute bbq place on north avenue in bucktown/wicker park ... i know. super cute is not a normal way to describe a bbq joint. but really, lillie's q is super cute. really.

pre-chow down set up ... 
see what i mean? cute.

old chub scotch ale :
we got a good laugh out of this one. 

anyway !!! we had a huge group, so we did a catering order ... and lillie's q was easily able to accommodate my vegan needs. nina, their catering coordinator, was awesome.

here's what i had ... 

q salad :
boston bibb bettuce, southern caviar, tomatoes, avocado, red onion & cb croutons.
 super super tasty. i love bibb lettuce, so quite the treat. also, the dijon mustard vinaigrette dressing was amazing. and if you're wondering about the southern caviar? that just means black eyed peas. phew. i had ordered lunch from lillie's q once before and also had this q salad, so i know this is available even without a catering order. 

i do feel like last time they said that the corn bread croutons were not vegan. but they did appear on the salad this night. i ate around them to be safe.

green beans :
normally prepared with bacon -- bacon-free for me!
the crisp, fresh green beans? yum! the marinade? yum! veggie side perfection. now this one, i am not sure if you can get vegan without a catering order. but i can't hurt to ask, right?

so vegans ... i know bbq is not where you might expect to find delicious vegan food. but lillie's q is an exception. suggest this place for your non-vegan pals ... all will leave happy.