about me.

hi! my name is halley ...

i'm a vegan. 
but i'm not one of those vegans that likes to experiment with cooking... or cook at all, to be honest.

i'm also a foodie.
i prefer to have my meals prepared by professionals... at the delicious cafes, restaurants, sandwich shops, bakeries, etc. throughout chicago.

i love trying out new hot spots... and visiting the old favorites that make chicago the great food city that it is.

i like to think of this blog as a reference guide to vegan dining out in chicago. yeah, i throw in some travel, lifestyle, fashion, recipes, etc. here & there. but it's my blog, so i can do whatever i want! 

take a look around & see for yourself! 


  1. How did I not know about your adorable and tasty blog? A little birdy told me about it and I'm impressed. I am not always a vegan, but I do appreciate a deliciously well-made vegan bite, so I will have to follow you. And Phoebe will promote you... Love, Carly

    1. aah, hi!

      yeah! :) i've had it for about a year and a half now.
      lots of dining out, ha!

      glad you like! it's a fun little thing.
      thanks for checking it out!

      awh, i <3 phoebe!


  2. Thank you for your blog, Halley!
    Have you heard about ChicagoVeg (www.ChicagoVeg.org)? We are doing Ethiopian vegan dining on this Saturday. Please consider to join us for this or other upcoming evens!

    1. hi, vadim!

      thanks for reading! :) sorry i missed ethiopian night. hope you guys had a great time!!

      will take a look at the site ... thx for sharig!

  3. Hey Halley,

    I'm planning on coming to Chicago with the specific goal of eating lots of vegan food! I've been reading your blog quite a bit and was wondering if you could make any suggestions. I know about all the more obvious places like Soul Veg, Upton's Breakroom, Kitchen 17 and Native Foods, ect. Can you recommend some not so obvious veg/veg-friendly places that you love?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. hi, there!

      awesome! i love hearing about vegan visitors to chicago!

      here are some of my favorites ... non-vegan restaurants with great vegan options!

      cafe ba ba reeba (tapas) : http://www.thechicityvegan.com/2012/02/cafe-ba-ba-reeba.html
      lou malnati's (chicago deep dish!) : http://www.thechicityvegan.com/2012/01/lou-malnatis-pizzaria.html
      rpm (italian) : http://www.thechicityvegan.com/2012/08/rpm-italian.html
      siena tavern (small plates / italian) : http://www.thechicityvegan.com/2013/03/siena-tavern.html
      slurping turtle (asian noodle soup) : http://www.thechicityvegan.com/2012/10/slurping-turtle.html
      athenian room (greek, lunch ) : http://www.thechicityvegan.com/2012/05/athenian-room.html
      irazu (costa rican) : http://www.thechicityvegan.com/2012/01/irazu.html
      girl & the goat (just great food!) : http://www.thechicityvegan.com/2012/01/girl-goat.html

      there are infinite places that i love, so if you give me an area or cuisine you are specifically looking for, i can offer more recommendations! e-mail me : halley@thechicityvegan.com.

      thanks for reading! :)

  4. Hi! I am visiting chicago in a few weeks for a quick 2 days and want to eat the most vegan food as possible. i've noticed you're a donut fiend like myself and wondered if you had any donut recommendations? thank you!

    1. hi, mariah!

      best donuts hands down -- stan's & fritz pastry.
      both amazing.

      enjoy!!! ;)

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  6. I'm glad I found this blog!
    I'm recently vegan (since July) and live in Woodstock, IL, where there is only ONE vegetarian place to order food online. So, next time I travel to Chicago, I'll go to one of your favorite places, yes!


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