the salad.

people frequently ask me, "don't you get sick of eating salads all the time?"

there are 2 answers to this question...

1. no. i'm a vegan. vegetables are what i choose to eat.
and come on people, they are super delicious and healthy! 

2. i don't only eat salads... even when i'm at restaurants.

a rise in the popularity of eating healthy combined with an increase in dairy allergies (along with a slew of others) have made eating vegan in restaurants significantly easier than it used to be.

i went to morton's steakhouse a while back and had an incredible medley of steamed, sauteed and roasted veggies. our server didn't even blink an eye at my request.

so while there does come a time when i order a chopped salad with no bleu cheese, no chicken, no bacon, extra tomatoes, extra onions, etc., etc., etc. ... that's just not the only option out there anymore.

unless you are at portillo's... then yea, that (or the garden salad, blech) is about it.