irazu is chicago's only costa rican restaurant... and a frequent favorite for lunch at my office.

to be fair, i've only had one actual meal item at irazu...

the vegetarian tacos, which are actually vegan.
black beans, yellow rice, tomato, lettuce and avocado... 
very basic - but so flavorful and delicious. always very fresh.

irazu also makes a fantastic green chili salsa... 
 it's also got that super fresh taste to go along with it's incredible spiciness. 
i basically douse my tacos with it everytime i eat here. it's that fresh, healthy spiciness that i love!

the patacones are also vegan and quite delicious... 
 what's not to like about fried plantains and a garlic oil sauce?

before ordering from irazu this most recent time, i emailed them to ask what other items (besides what is above) are vegan. here is the response i got from the restaurant:

"the patacones, yuca, guacamole and the vegetarian chifrijo are all wonderful vegan-friendly appetizers. the veggie burrito and taco (if requested dairy-free) are vegan, and the veggie paella, veggie salad, palmito salad, veggie sandwich (without cheese), and the veggie casado (if requested without egg) are all vegan."


when i tell people how much i love irazu, i always get asked what the difference between mexican and costa rican food is... in my opinion, irazu's costa rican food tastes simpler (in a good way!) than most mexican food i've eaten.

basically, irazu a great place for several delicious vegan options.
(and it's super affordable, too!)