a vegan & an omnivore.

as i begin to share more of my chicago dining experiences, i think it's important to give a bit of info about who i share the majority these meals with: my husband, josh... meat eater extraordinaire.

in my opinion... for an omnivore, being married to a vegan must be loads of fun all the time! [sarcasm.]
 1. i don't cook meat or dairy... so two separate dishes must be prepared for every meal (if we do cook).
 2. he has to endure the never ending modifications i make to my order when we eat in restaurants.
 3. his monthly intake of lou malnati's pizza has gone down significantly since our nuptials due to their butter crust and only somewhat decent salads.

that being said, josh is a fantastic dining partner...
he's willing to go to pretty much anywhere in the city to eat... whether it's a well known spot or a hidden gem.

so i am pleased to introduce you to josh... omnivore, secret foodie & dining partner of the chi city vegan.

our next restaurant visit : sable kitchen & bar.