rumi middle eastern grill.

you may have seen it on my instagram already, but there's a hot new girl in town & her name is rumi middle eastern grill.

i love everything about rumi. here's why : "at rumi, our goal is simple : to bring you delicious, healthy & wholesome food -- that you love. we have all of your mediterranean favorites. with the variety to accommodate any diet & any mood, we're a delicious & flexible place to come for a quick bite." do you see what i see? any diet & any mood. sign me up!!

yes, that means that rumi's menu is clearly marked with what's vegan (plus, what's gluten-free, y'all!). so no need to worry. does that lentil soup have chicken broth? what's that falafel fried in? does the baba have yogurt in it? these are the questions that plague a vegan at a mediterranean place ... but not at rumi.

here's what i had ...

lentil soup & hummus :
amazing lentil soup for winter time chills? check. on point hummus that you wanna snarf every day? check. i've since also had the falafel, which i am very particular about, but am ready to give two very enthusiastic thumbs up to. 

since this first meal (well, it was the second. we ordered it 2 days in a row at work in december. oops.), i've had rumi 3 more times. it's that good. check 'em out.

rumi middle eastern grill
1534 n. milwaukee ave.
chicago, il 60622