new orleans : domenica.

okay ... after 2 days in new orleans, i've got to say ... i was hella hungover the day we left. our flight was at 3pm though ... so we had a whole day of sightseeing (aka, finding sandra bullock's house) ahead of us. after some more wandering around the city, i worked up quite an appetite. luckily, a friend of mine down there (hi, hollin!) had given us ideas for lunch.

one in particular stood out to me ... because 1. i knew it had vegan options. 2. i knew it had carbs carbs carbs & more carbs in the form of pizza. 3. it is a john besh restaurant ... (you may recognize him as a guest judge on top chef ... or just because he's kind of a fox.)

so into an uber we hopped & over to domenica we went.

per the website ... "the chefs at domenica restaurant cook regional italian cuisine while incorporating louisiana ingredients, make fresh pastas by hand daily & roast vegetables & meats in the same wood oven that crisps their napolitano style pizzas." gimme pizza, gimme pizza, gimme pizza.

here's what i had ...

vegan pizza : 
this was another time where letting the chef decide what i should eat worked out to my advantage in the best way. this was exactly what i wanted & it turned out to be perfection. i fully intended to eat the entire pie, but only made it through 6 slices. #restraint

domenica was the perfect pick for us that day ...

but, we also went to a different john besh restaurant the night before & it. was. incredible. that would be restaurant august. the service was impeccable. the staff were all so kind. the chef created an amazing vegan dish ... etc. good things. etc. etc. it just wasn't the kind of place i wanted to be flashing my camera & snapping pics all through dinner. so no post for you!

anyway, domenica = awesome. restaurant august = awesome. john besh = eye candy. enjoy! 

123 baronne street
new orleans, louisana 70112