columbus tap.

okay, this is another one that goes waaaaay back. i believe to the summer ... the baby & i decided to meet josh for lunch mid-week one day. we ended up at columbus tap, which at the time, i think, was a new-ish spot in the fairmont hotel.

josh had been there a couple times before for drinks, but it was a lunch first for all three of us ... "columbus tap offers a quintessential tap house experience, masterfully blending sophisticated offerings with neighborhood charm." lovely.

here's what i had ...

open faced toast :
crushed avocado, lemon, shaved radish, hot pepper. 
i mean, it's avocado toast. what could be wrong with that?

charred broccoli :
this was literally just grilled broccoli, since the sauce wasn't vegan. which is fine, i like veggies. but, it was just broccoli. 

we gave columbus tap six thumbs up ... two of which were covered in french fry grease & avocado bits ... no, not mine. 

columbus tap
fairmont chicago, millenium park
200 n. columbus drive
chicago, il 60601