bad hunter.

after an accidental week off from the blog (didn't realize i didn't share anything last week, oops!!) ... it's time for a real stand out.

when it came time to pick another restaurant for vno (that's vegans night out) with my favorite vegan (hi, tnaya!), we knew just the place : bad hunter on randolph (where all the good restaurants are located).

get ready, team ... "bad hunter is a veg-forward restaurant & bar in the west loop. our goal at bad hunter is simple: to create a joyful experience by presenting the highest quality food & drink in a comfortable, convivial setting." i'll take a veg-forward menu any day of the week... especially when there is a separate veg-forward vegan menu! let's go!

this was a sharing type place... (or maybe that's just what happens when two vegans want to eat everything on the menu.) kinda dark pics, but you'll get the gist. here's what we had ...

grilled sourdough :
sunflower cream & smoked salt.
this pre-scheduled dinner happened to be in the middle of a quasi-whole 30 i did in february. so i took a little break from healthiness & let me tell you, i thought this bread + spread was in.cre.di.ble.

butter lettuce : 
grapefruit, sumac, seeds & miso-tahini dressing.
i was shocked (shocked i say!) at how much i loved this salad. just looking at the pic is reminding me how delicious it was. time to look up a recipe for miso-tahini dressing...

tempura fried lemons & japanese sweet potato :
tnaya was not on board with this, but she tried it, like the trooper that she is. i was just so intrigued by the idea of tempura fried lemons that i had to have it. lemme tell you, they were awesome. super thinly cut, perfectly crispy. just yum.

chestnut spaghetti alla chitarra :
leeks, walnut oil & vincotto. 
 i apparently got a bit excited when taking this picture & couldn't hold still long enough for a shot. my b. the pic doesn't do the dish justice, because it was so good. 

guys, i like really like bad hunter. in fact, i've already decided that i'm having my annual girlfriends birthday dinner there come october. we'll see how many visits i make in the meantime... all the gold stars to bad hunter!

note : i'm taking next week off for a little family vacay to scottsdale ... keep an eye out for some az eats in the coming weeks!

802 w. randolph st.
chicago, il 60607


  1. We were excited about Bad Hunter but didn't see much that was vegan on the menu. Did you request special dishes ahead of time? Or are there more vegan-friendly options that aren't on the main menu?

    1. Hi! Well, most of the menu can be made vegan. But they do have a separate menu if you ask for it.

      I'll update to reflect this! Thank you!! :)

  2. Looking forward to giving Bad Hunter another shot after an underwhelming visit during their opening month - thanks for the thoughtful review!

    1. Yes, you definitely should!

      I really really enjoyed it! :)


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