one day last summer (yikes), the baby & i went on a baby date with some friends after our stroller workout class. (yeah, we cool. what of it?) anywho ... we needed to pick a place near diversey harbor ... that was baby friendly ... & had food we actually wanted to eat. so where did we land? yolk in lakeview.

yolk is all about "great food, unique dishes & fantastic service all delivered to you with a smile. that's the yolk experience." not going to lie, that's exactly what we got! 

here's what i had ...

kale salad :
shredded kale, blueberries, strawberries & quinoa tossed in blueberry pomegranate dressing. 
overall, delicious. the only issue (which is common with kale salads) is that the kale really needs to be blanched quickly first... raw kale is just so ... raw. don't worry, i still ate it. gotta get that vit k, y'all.

the babes ate grilled cheese sammies on wheat bread & some fries. which they both mightily enjoyed. oh, by enjoyed, i mean made a huge mess with. we cleaned up best we could, but i've gotta say ... the entire staff was just so kind & told us to stop, because 1. our hands were clearly full. & 2. basically, that's what they were there for! to clean up! so we just really appreciated how nice everyone was ... with good food to boot. 

501 w. diversey pkwy.
chicago, il 60614