mindy's hotchocolate.

hey, veggies!! happy new year!! let's get things started off right ...

the babe & i went to lunch with one of our favorite gal pals (hi, carly!!) at mindy's hotchocolate several months ago. i mean, several. like ... it was still warm & sunny out. the food was so good, the meal wasn't even ruined by the fact i dropped my phone on the sidewalk out front before we walked in & cracked the screen! (i blame the baby.) 

anyway. hotchocolate is legit. here's the about from their facebook page : "through our network of artisan farmers & friends, we are able to connect the producer & the consumer & provide a uniquely enjoyable dining adventure. whether it is a casual lunch, a leisurely weekend brunch, a delightful dinner or a late night dessert rendezvous, hotchocolate continues to be one of chicago's most unique dining destinations." casual lunch : check!

here's what i had ...

tomato soup :
this red may be enhanced by instagram, but the flavor was not. i love tomato soup ... so with a version this good, i could basically have eaten a vat of it. plus fresh pan? come on! 

avocado toast :
avocado, brussel leaf salad, pickled onion on multigrain. 
also delicious. maybe a little too crunchy for the bread, but i could look past that. overall ... majorly nom-worthy. 

so many reasons to love mindy's hotchocolate ... the food is legit. vegan options a plenty. cool atmosphere. baby-friendly at lunch on a friday. i can't vouch for the other days. head there ... stat!

1747 n. damen ave.
chicago, il 60647