3 arts club café.

at the last nibble+squeak chicago meet up, one of the moms suggested stopping by 3 arts club café for lunch after taking the babe to meet santa at the 900 building. (side note : best santa in the city.)

i was a little hesitant based on the facts i knew about 3 arts already ... basically, that it's  a "posh haunt inside restoration hardware combining a coffeehouse, wine bar & american restaurant." doesn't sound that baby-friendly, right? but we thought we'd give it a try.

here's what i had ...

green juice & shaved vegetables salad :
baby greens, pecans & cider vinaigrette. 
yum yum yum & more yum. the green juice was from harvest juicery, which i love. the salad was fresh, great flavor & quickly edible as the little one tried to play with a candle. #momoftheyear

okay, so not only was the food & drink delicious ... but everyone who worked there was so.nice. i get a little worried bringing a baby into a cool and/or trendy place and/or somewhere described as a "posh haunt" ... so i was a bit nervous walking in here with a toddler. not only did i not detect any hint of judgement, but everyone we interacted with was so kind & thought the babe was so cute. yeah, it was just lunch on a friday, but still! so 5 stars for food, 5 stars for service & 5 stars for niceness. thank you, 3 arts!

3 arts club café
1300 n. dearborn pkwy.
chicago, il 60610