graze kitchenette.

even though she works full-time, one of my besties (hi, carly!!) still finds time in her busy weekday schedule to have lunch with me & the baby on the reg. (see mindy's hotchocolate.)

on this occasion, we decided to make it easy for her & head into da loop for lunch at graze kitchenette in revival food hall. like my post on mindy's, this was so long ago that at the time, the cubs hadn't won the world series in over a century. times are a-changin'.

anyway ... our trip to graze wasn't completely out of the blue ... another bestie (hi, ilana!!) works there!! so it was a double whammy lunch spectacular.

ilana had given us the details about graze ahead of time, so i was pretty pumped to try it out ... "the chef-driven, quick-service food stall [serves] burgers & bowls, dishes from opposite ends of the food spectrum." yuuum.

here's what i had ...

butternut squash smoothie bowl :
butternut squash with quinoa, coconut, granola, pecans, pumpkin seeds, apples & goji berries.
ok, i'm honestly such a slacker that this item isn't even on the menu anymore ... but lemme tell you, it doesn't matter because all the smoothie bowls are #toolegittoquit ... oh, & all are vegan! (i repeat. all.are.vegan.) this one in particular was exceptionally delicious ... even the pickiest babe in the world enjoyed a few bites!

this is the kind of meal that puts my morning banana kale smoothie to shame ... it makes me think i should try a little harder, but what's the point? we'll just head to graze. you should, too. 

graze kitchenette
revival food hall
125 s. clark st.
chicago, il 60603


  1. Tell me more about this smoothie bowl. Was the butternut squash pureed, with all of the crunchy things on top?


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