strings ramen.

it's no secret that i love an asian soup. i would live off of pho if i could. (josh & i literally order from fuh once a week. it's not okay.) anyway ... when strings ramen started following me on instagram, i knew it was time for a visit! the baby & i went with a renowned chicago ramen connoisseur, my galpal ilana. (you may recognize her name since she works at ramen-san ... a spy! kidding.)

anyway, strings has two locations in chicago ... one in chinatown & one in lincoln park. due to proximity, we opted for the lp spot.

about strings : "while other restaurants may serve ramen along with a number of other entrees, strings ramen focuses specifically on ramen." great news for ramen lovers! bad news for vegans.

here's what i had ...
(apologies in advance for the turrible pics. it was dark in there.)

shishito peppers :
all shishito peppers = good shishito peppers. lil' kick to these bad boys with the added seasonings on top. mmm. 

shoyu ramen :
ramen-less ramen. wah wah. like ramen-san, the noodles at strings aren't vegan. i have so many issues with this, but you can just refer to that post for the reasons why. the broth was really good here, i will say. but a bowl of mush + broth isn't like the most amazing lunch, so it was kind of a fail for me. 

if (or when!) strings gets some vegan noodles, i will be back! until then ... off to fuh or slurping turtle or pho lily or etc. etc. etc. 

a side note : per their own website, traditional ramen noodles are vegan, but they use egg as a substitute for one ingredient. ugh, boo. 

strings ramen
1629 n. halsted st.
chicago, il 60614